VARIVAS is a premier brand of high-performance fishing line and gear for serious anglers. As Japan’s first IGFA-class fishing line, VARIVAS is a leader in engineering and innovation.

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Making high-performance products for serious anglers is a cornerstone of the VARIVAS brand. Driven by putting ‘Anglers First’ for over 40 years, VARIVAS integrates trends and feedback from the field with proprietary advanced materials technology and rigorous R & D testing. Globally recognized, VARIVAS products provide the top qualities of the strength, performance and functionality that anglers want.


Perfecting performance for Anglers


VARIVAS products are used by Anglers in over 50 countries around the world. Despite different fishing environments and target fish around the world, VARIVAS fishing line is widely respected by Anglers around the globe as a premier, high-performance brand. Like anglers, VARIVAS shares a passion for fishing and quality line. VARIVAS continuously strives for quality and excellence as our brand grows.