Captain Matt Perachio

Starting with freshwater ponds and rivers around the neighborhood and eventually riding his bike beyond his parents call, Captain Matt Perachio soon realized what direction his life would take. Spending his summers on Cape Cod with his family, he soon found his love for  the sport grew into more than a lifestyle, he wanted to build a career. Over the years his affinity for the ocean left him wanting more and eventually he transitioned from striped bass to the adrenaline packed pursuit of light tackle bluefin tuna.  Today, Capt. Matt's days are filled with the thrill of the hunt as he chases tuna throughout the season on his custom build 27' Onslow Bay. In addition to the thrill of the catch he finds excitement in passing on his experience and knowledge to eager learner.  For Captain Matt Perachio fishing isn't just a pastime - it's a way of life woven into very fabric of his being. 
Capt. Matt DeAmbrose of Tighten Up Charters23

Captain Matt DeAmbrose

Capt. Matt DeAmbrose's introduction to fishing started soon after his 1st birthday. Under the guidance of his grandfather, he grew up surrounded by family and friends that taught him their passion and embraced their respect for the sea. After years of experience running as a mate for Capt. Matt Perachio he found time to earn a bachelors degree in Marine Engineering from Mass Maritime. Soon after graduation he quickly found a job working on incoastal multi-purpose vessels. Along with and around his work schedule he decided to make the jump and run his own boat alongside Perachio. His love for striped bass and smaller game fish still remains, but his true passion has evolved into the never ending chase for the bluefin tuna. After landing his first tuna in 2014 he quickly realized how is fishing future will forever be changed. Now he can be seen trailering his 23 Contender around Cape Cod following for the bite. He not only enjoys the chase but takes pride in sharing his wealth of knowledge with clients from all over, showing them what it takes to be successful on the water.

Captain Cote Kosak

From a young age, Captain Cote Kosak developed a strong passion for fishing. Initially targeting freshwater species, he later transitioned to saltwater fishing, particularly focusing on mastering the art of catching striped bass in Connecticut and surrounding areas. Drawing on the wisdom of older generations and his own experiences, he began documenting his expertise in a book detailing the ins and outs of striped bass fishing techniques. Today, he primarily operates in the Connecticut River, Old Saybrook, and the reefs and wrecks of Long Island Sound, leveraging his extensive knowledge of these waters.