Charter Grade Popper: 3.5oz - 7inch (Tuna Rigged)


  • Tuna-Rigged 2/0 VMC Tropic Star 4X Treble
  • Classic Pop and Sputter Topwater Action
  • Multi-Rattle Chambers
  • Imitative Color Patterns
  • Durable Finish Coat


These simple Poppers have been carefully tuned to present the perfect pop and sputter action with minimal effort. The Charter Grade Poppers feature multiple rattle chambers for extra sound and vibration.

Designed for trophy offshore species, these poppers are perfect for Striper, Tuna, Kingfish, Snook and Tarpon. Keeping in tune with their “Charter Grade” namesake, the Popper is available in only a handful of fishy colors that catch fish, not fishermen. The rigged version comes pre-rigged the way a professional would fish them “out of the package”.

Hogy Charter Grade Popper Diagram